Don’t Shoot Me! 7 simple things you can do, at home, to prep for a last minute shoot!

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Whether you are a fashion model, print model, actor, dancer or, just love to collaborate with a bad ass peeps to document your life, we all know how stressful it can sometimes be, to get a last minute job! (Although, we are always, or should be, grateful!)

Especially, if it’s the time of the month, ugh, you’re finally getting over the plague, (that seems to never end), you are just not feeling camera ready, OR, because of, I don’t know, that gigantic Rudolph zit, on the tip of your nose? Been there, done that.

But never fear, (cue dramatic music), Burgandi is here!

Here are 7 things I do, at home, that instantly get me in the mood, to strike a pose.

1) Start chugging water. As much as you can, and especially before bed and in the morning before the shoot. Water is essential; the more you drink, the better your skin and body will look and feel. There is a reason, it is recommended that you drink at least 8 oz a day- I drink at least a gallon a day! Add some cucumber and lemon, even some fresh mint, to help, flush your system out and tantalize your tastebuds! Hydration is so overlooked, especially when we get busy and are in a hurry. But you NEED it- for a photo shoot, esp. But, let me be specific, don’t just grab any h2o! (Duh) Make sure you are drinking a purified water, not in a plastic bottle and preferably, alkaline rich water, with antioxidants. This will boost your energy, your skins elasticity, shed water weight and hydrate your body, as a whole, better than ever before. (Here is the only h2o I drink. #WaterJunkie)

2) Exercise. Do it, the day before AND the morning of. Take a long walk with your fur baby, around the block, go on a hike and/or do an at home workout. But, don’t get all cray cray and do hours and hours of cardio then decide to stay all night in the steam sauna, at your gym. You don’t want to over exhaust yourself and your muscles, esp. if you haven’t been working it out, on the regular. They key, for me, has been doing interval exercises, for as little at 15 mins a day and you can always feel a difference when you do quick toning reps of, crunches, plank & pushups. Just get moving. Even if that means putting on your headphones, listening to your fav Bjork song(s), and dancing like a mad person, in your room, doing a workout you love, is always a good idea!

3) Eat. Yes, I am talking to you, Ms./Mr. “I don’t want to eat until after the shoot, I’ll look thinner!” Ok, I get it. I was a ballet dancer for most of my adolescent life and then some. Being encouraged not to eat or eat very little, is the “norm” in certain instances. But, as a woman who has overcome some serious eating disorder obstacles, (that’s a whole other blog post), I can tell you, it’s never, in my opinion, a good idea not to eat. It’s actually worse for your mind, body and soul, and may lead to weight gain and or, a serious problem. Don’t take that chance. TRUST. It’s NOT worth it. Grab a handful of almonds, make a quick protein shake with chia seeds, which are not only a superfood, but, they help you curb hunger and help you to feel full longer. Or, pick up a smoothie at your fav juice bar- but please eat! So, maybe not a bean burrito, garlic, onions, broccoli, eggs or cabbage…those foods, while great, let’s just say, lead to smelly results. And you definitely don’t want that.


4.) Take a bath with epsom salt. Not only will this relax your racing mind and allow your worries to literally be washed away, but this beneficial salt, is a perfect way to replenish the magnesium lost, in the body, due to stress. It’s also a pain reliever, helps to relieve sore muscles and can also eliminate excess water weight! Soak for anywhere from 12-30 minutes and the only thing you will have to “worry” about, are your toes and fingers, looking like raisins! And, last but not least, if you are feeling heavy and really bloated, because you ate those 3 bean burritos, 5 minutes before you found out you were shooting, you can actually drink epsom salt it, mixed with water, (see instructions on purchased bag/box), BUT- I can tell you from experience it tastes nasty, you should NOT do this often and you should stay near your bathroom…for at least an hour! For real.

5) Skincare. I always do a homemade, raw, organic, sugar scrub, after cleansing, by just taking the raw sugar and gently, rubbing it on my face, neck and decollate. I also take a warm shower and after cleansing, gently scrub with raw, organic sugar and coffee grounds mixed together. My skin is gleaming, when I get out. Just before bed, I put on a relaxing, hydrating Japanese/Korean face mask, set the time for 15-20 mins and get zen af. Doing these these quick things night before, keeps my skin plump and hydrated and smooth as silk!

6) Prepare. This is super important. I always start by writing a list. Do you need to take anything specific? Did they ask you to bring your DL & SS card? How far is the location from your place? How are you getting there? There’s nothing more frustrating, than feeling prepared, only to find out, the location is 45 mins with traffic and you have to be there in 30. Be early, rather than onetime. It shows your dedication and professionalism and leaves you a little wiggle room, if there is an unexpected delay. (Which is ALWAYS here in LaLa Land!) Pack your bag(s), the night before, not at the last minute. If I have to take any of my own wardrobe, which is rare, I always put it in a wardrobe or garment bag, with my name somewhere on the bag. And, it’s always a good idea if you have food allergies, like I do, always take something to munch on. You never know.

7) REST. This is not a joke people. You need to catch some zzzzzz’s, so that your fabulous self, it ready to work that lens! Plus, sleep is as important as water, in helping to replenish your cells, skin, body and mind. And even though it varies per person, you should aim to get between 7-9 hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. To help you get the best sleep, turn your ringer OFF at night, put on an eye mask and rub a tiny dab, of skin safe, lavender oil on your temples and the bottoms of your feet. Just before your head hits your pillow, put a few more drops between your palms, rub together and inhale deeply. If this doesn’t relax you, you might be a robot- or, you may need to take an all natural sleep aid supplement. I personally LOVE Gaba because, there are no side effects and it really relaxes me. You can also take Valerian root, but warning: it stinks in pure form, like, A LOT and if you take too much you WILL sleep past your alarm. Which I have totally done…several times. #NoBueno

So, there you have it! 7 small things, that will leave you feeling like the King, or Queen that you are! Now GO and SLAY that shoot!

Comment below and let me know how you prep, for a last minute shoot!



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