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My name is Burgandi Trejo Phoenix, but most people call me B or Burgs.

I am an animal-loving, feisty, petite, Native American/Latina lipstick hippie actress with a wicked laugh, a beautiful smile and endless energy.

I'm the brand Ambassador for talentboom & one of the hosts on Casting Frontier's YouTube show, 'The Curve.' I love to write and make people laugh until they cry.

I love my life as cray as it can be, and am so blessed to be living in Los Angeles, doing what I love, every day.

I grew up watching classic movies, mostly, because my parents were super strict...and aspired to be like and work with them ALL! As you can imagine, I was heartbroken to learn, that Audrey Hepburn and many of the legends I looked up to, had passed away, before I was even born. #Lame.

I started dancing ballet, tap & jazz at the age of 2 1/2 and singing when I was 5. I love to dance salsa, I love a good mariachi song and will find any excuse, to sing some karaoke!

I also am a bit of a health-nut and love finding healthy ways to cook, at home, BUT- just between us, I am a closet foodie, with a serious tortilla chip addiction. I can't resist a posh, new restaurant or juice bar. #SoLA Oh, and I make a mean guacamole/salsa from scratch!

I was born in Tucson, Az, and grew up in a GIGANTIC family! (For real-my mom is 1 of 14 kids & my day is 1 of 7!) I am Native American & Mexican decent, but learned the true meaning of "ethnically Ambiguous" and how lucky I am, to be able to play a variety of different cultures, when I moved to LA. I am often described as a feisty, sassy, guys girl, who's funny, tough, classy, with never ending energy, who is extremely passionate, works her ass off, (my spirit animal is a lioness), and extra protective of the people I love. And from my closest friends and family, one word they have always used when talking about me: loca. (Head moving side to side shaking my finger in the air..."You don't know me.")


I decided to leave Tucson, sold everything I owned, packed my car to the rim and headed for the big city, of (broken) dreams... Ahh, LaLa Land. Here we go!... Um, yeah, NOT! This is the part when I have to be totally honest, I HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO! But, it was all for the best, and I am SO thankful for all of the very harsh, hard, and beautiful lessons, this city and it's peeps, have taught me. Just to be clear: I am only able to finally say this, without breaking down and eating myself into a chip coma, because of years and YEARS of therapy. #FORREAL

I have a fur baby named Lola, that I rescued, because that's the only way I roll, (Rescue/Adopt > Buying from a breeder) and would do anything, within my power(s), to help an animal, plant or human, in need.

My other half is the one and only, Carlos Ramzey Ramirez . We've been together so long, people think we are married, but we aren't- YET. (*Update* I proposed to him on April 7th, 2019 and after minutes of shock, he said, "Yes!" Stay tuned for more on that soon!) Carlos is a black belt in KSW Martial Arts, an 8 year USAF Veteran, a very talented actor, and dancer- (He danced at the ministry of sound in England for Boy George!!!!) and, an overall amazing human being. Give him a follow on Insta & Twitter: (OH, one more thing, he has an identical twin brother, who is also an actor BUT my guy was NOT in the film with Jon Heder-nor will he do an impression of any of his brothers work, for your entertainment. EW. So PLEASE do not ask! He has worked very hard, to get where he is and has his own great body of work you can check out here. 🙂

Ok, now that's out of the way....where was I...Ah yes- FOOD! 🙂

I am a pescatarian, and lead a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free life, but NOT because I moved to LA, because I've eaten this way for a long time and respect my self enough, to treat myself, the way my body wants to be treated! (See above & below re my animal-loving, obsessed with saving the world/planet schpeal.) And yes, I KNOW that fish have feelings too, (despite Nirvana saying they don't), but this is MY choice, at this time, in MY life. I would love to become full Vegan and if I choose to, I will, when the time is right for ME. You dig?!

My overall goal, is to save the world/planet one day, (What? I am being serious!), and pass along the message that anything really IS possible. I think we ALL have a superpower that can make a difference. PS turning the water off when you brush your teeth is REALLY helpful in saving water! Just saying'.

I especially want to inspire and empower women & girls around the globe, to be the best, healthiest, version of themselves, to love themselves and their bodies, unconditionally-(something I have really struggled with throughout my life), and of course, to never give up!

Excited to share my thoughts and stories with you all,

Welcome to My Feisty Life!


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