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My name is Burgandi Trejo Phoenix and I am a Chicana multi-hyphen with Indigenous (Yaqui/Yoeme) roots. I am a member of SAG-Aftra, Actor’s Equity and the Television Academy and I use my voice in the industry to campaign for the accurate representation of BIPOC women on and off-screen. Several of the animated shows I have voiced characters on, including Nickelodeon’s ‘The Loud House’, have been nominated for Emmy Awards, (Spirit Rangers on Netflix-7 Emmy Nominations), (The Royals of Malibu-Diversion Audio- named Spotify’s “Best of”), and also named “Best of” on the Google Play store, (Cookie Run Kingdom-DevSisters). I have extensive theatrical, comedy, and improv. training and I am a working actor, dancer, voice-over artist, singer, and writer, currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

I am the national spokesperson for talentboom, a former host of Casting Frontier’s YouTube show, ‘The Curve’, owns the blog, MyFeistyLife & co-founded The Actor Toolkit Club on Clubhouse. I also danced as a company member with the Tucson School of Ballet and Ballet Rincon for several years and eventually went on to train in belly dancing, salsa, ballroom, modern, tap, and lyrical. I currently reside in Los Angeles, with my husband, actor Carlos Ramzey Ramirez & our furbaby, Lola.

I love to dance salsa, I love a good mariachi song, and will find any excuse, to sing some karaoke!

I also am a bit of a health nut and I love finding healthy ways to cook, at home, BUT- just between us, I have a serious tortilla chip addiction and I make a mean guacamole/salsa from scratch!

I was born in Tucson, Az, and I grew up in a GIGANTIC family! (My mom is 1 of 14 kids & my day is 1 of 7!)

In 2010, the company I worked for closed and I decided to take a huge risk and leave Tucson to purse my dreams. So, I sold everything I owned, packed my car to the rim, and headed for the city, of angels.

I have a fur baby named Lola, whom I rescued because that’s the only way I roll, (Rescue/Adopt > Buying from a breeder) and I would do anything, within my power(s), to help an animal or plant, in need.

My other half is the one and only, Carlos Ramzey Ramirez . We’ve been together for 12 years and in 2019, after 9 years together, I proposed to him and we eloped in the Big Sur forest on 10/10/2020 on what can only be described as the most breathtakingly beautiful day of my life.

I lead a gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, soy-free life, and not because I moved to LA, but because I’ve eaten this way for a long time and respect myself enough, to treat myself, the way my body wants to be treated! You dig?!

I love mother earth and I will always be a fierce advocate for planitary, animal and human rights. #landback #whoslandareyouon #blacklivesmatter #loveislove #beagoodhuman

My goal is to inspire and empower other BIPOC humans around the globe, to be the best, healthiest, version of themselves, to love themselves and their bodies, unconditionally-(something I have really struggled with throughout my life), to use their voices, stand up for themselves and what they believe in, to fight injustice and and of course, to never give up on yourself!

I’m excited to share my thoughts and stories with you all, Welcome to My Feisty Life!