To Podcast or Not to Podcast…..THAT is the Question!

To podcast or not to podcast? UM. TO PODCAST, amiright? Ok, well….unless you happen to come across a super scary podcast that talks about someone’s evil plot to end the world…um…yeah, please stop. Any who, back to what I was saying. I LOVE a great podcast. Whether it be about a badass #ladyboss, health, fitness, real life stories, comedy, FOOD or the entertainment industry, I am always so much more motivated on my drive to an audition, set, yoga or most importantly, to eat, when I listen to one of these awesome pod-casts. I found a super cool one called She Means Business, which was recommended by Holly Gunns in her article on Career Girl Daily. Fun Fact: I am #obsessed with this site and oddly enough, MY DAD sent me an email saying he thought I’d like it….he was so right! 10 points for my tech savvy Daddy-O!


So what’s my point with all this podcast chat? Well, if you read my last article on The Cinema After Dark Podcast, with the fabulous Max Cole, that I was stoked to have been part of a few months back, you’d remember that we had such a great convo that my episode had to be split into 2 awesome parts! SO…..without further ado, below is the link to Part 2 of The Cinema After Dark Podcast with Max Cole!


Please listen, like, share and comment below with your thoughts! And if you happened to miss part one, check out my article here to listen!

Have a happy #humpday everyone and remember, YOU are all freaking awesome, for real. Thanks for reading!

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