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Quarantine is a B!

Quarantine IS a B! Yes. It Is. For all of you who can relate and are out there living your best Quarantine Life, this is for YOU. When the announcement of the “Safer at home” order started in Los Angeles, on March 15th, Carlos & I were in Downtown LA at Union Station. My parents were going back to Arizona and we were all in the car waiting until it was time for them to board their train. Up until…

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Feisty B Episode 6- Meeting, Work, Auditions & Tears

Feisty B Episode 6- Meeting, Work, Auditions & Tears As artists, it’s really easy to get caught up in the things that are not going right, rather than focus on what IS going right…. right?! The life of an artist is not a simple or easy one, but then again, nothing is ever easy, what’s the fun in that? This day was a challenging one that’s for sure but, the one thing I took away from yesterday, was to CELEBRATE,…

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The “Feisty B” 30 Day “Film Every Day” Challenge Is Now Up!

The Feisty B 30-day “film every day” challenge is now up! This one is short and sweet folks- just like me on a really good day. 😉 Recently I had a meeting with a friend, Mike, owner of TCD Studios, to talk about collaborating on a few things and during the meeting, he mentioned that I REALLY should start Vlogging. I admit he’s not the first or the 20th person to tell me this recently but TBH, I have avoided…

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