Feisty B Episode 10: Chaos Factor, Be GONE!

Feisty B Episode 10: Chaos Factor, Be GONE!

On this episode of Feisty B, I tackle my week head on, even if that means I work ALLLLL DAAAYYYY! #actorslife

Have you ever felt guilty about sleeping, not working enough and even missing a work-out? ME TOO!

It’s been 10 days of doing the Feisty B Vlog and I have had an ISH’ ton of reality slaps in the face, cried a whole hell of a lot of tears and I am realizing what I do and DO NOT want to crowd my head-space, on the daily.

I am learning that in order for me to accomplish one thing, I need to strategically map out EVERYTHING, but also, give myself freedom, listen to my body and most of all BE KIND TO MYSELF! This is something I have always struggled with and being had on myself is a habit that I want to break, once and for freaking all….let the healing begin!

Check it out my latest episode of Feisty B and comment on the vid and below if you can relate!

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Have a great week!

Gracias for watching! You are ALL loved.





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