Fashion Spotlight: Sai Suman presents “The Queen in Me”

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Everyone knows that there is ALWAYS something going on in Los Angeles, 7 days a week! And this past Tuesday night, was no exception. And let me tell you, this was a fashion show to remember!

At the landmark, Sofitel Hotel, in Beverly Hills, the valet parking was jam packed and so was the entryway, as glam folks, dressed in their Hollywood best, lined up to get into Sai Suman’s exclusive fashion show, “The Queen in Me”.

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

I was stoked to be wearing one of her beautiful floor length designs, that evening…I got A TON of compliments and definitely felt like a #Queen! #Meow.

But Burgandi, who is Sai Suman, you ask? Well, not only has she been doing this around the globe and has recently dressed several A-listers, here’s what her press release had to say:

Sai Suman is a designer who creates a blend of western fashion elements with a traditional touch of handwork, creating a new fashion statement. She likes experimenting to create uniqueness in her style and to bring out timeless yet trend setting collections. Sai Suman loves to create a unique blend of western with traditional touch to it. She has always been inspired by the futuristic vision in fashion hence has presented several art piecse integrated with light technology in many esteemed international fashion week show. Sai Suman has been a pioneer in experimenting the use of unique fabrics designing the costumes for Bollywood actresses. Sai has also designed looks for international television stars, contributed her designs to several Bollywood music videos, magazine cover shoots, reality shows and is styling now for Hollywood as well.

Sai is the youngest designer to create and combine fashion with technology and creativity, presenting Haute Couture with Hi Tech designs in various international platforms as the youngest Indian designer alongside with the top senior renowned international designers from different countries respectively.

The inspiration for this young and talented Hollywood celebrity fashion designer, ‘Sai Suman,’ has been the surrealistic fantasy world that tickles her imagination and transforms that fantasy into a wearable pieces of art.”

Wow. Supes inspiring. You go girl! So, as you can imagine, the red carpet for this event, was full of talented peeps! There was an array of flashbulbs and pearly whites as celebrities and VIP guests, from all areas of the entertainment industry, posed for the fabulous crowd of media photographers and then headed inside. (SIDE NOTE: These photog’s work SO hard and they work A LOT, THANK YOU for all that you do- you are ALL very apreciated!!!)

Photo: Dustin Brown

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

Where was I? Oh yes. We are now inside!

Beautiful fashionista’s mixed an mingled and can I just say, there were A LOT of selfie’s going on, (I definitely took my share!) while everyone excitedly waited for the show to begin.

Carlos and I met up with our awesome manager, Mr. Steve Owens and chatted the night away with other, awesome industry guests. Amongst them, the gorgeous and talented Actress, KD Aubert, UFC fighter, Mehdi Baghdad, AKA, The Sultan, Actor, Ken Davitian, Actress, Golsa Sarabi, Actress, Alice Amter, founder of The World Networks, Lousine Karibian and talented Actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis– just to name a few. It was a very diverse, FUN crowd of beautiful people and amazing energy, for sure!


Photo: Barbara Sanchez

Photo: Barbara Sanchez

The show started, almost on time, (which is always how it goes lol) and we were wisked away to a far away place, where the smell of…. ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little, about that part, BUT the DJ did play a compilation of french, lounge music, and I at least felt like I was not in LA…even if it was for like, 10 mins!

Image property of: Sai Suman

Anywho, back to the show!

We were seated, front row, and got to see everything, up close and personal, which I LOVE. Sai Suman’s, classy and elegant new line of men’s and women’s couture designs, is a mixture of 1920’s/1930’s and modern day elegance, with a chic edge, patterned fabrics, gorgeous hand beading and beautiful lines.

The models all worked her designs with grace and ease and before we knew it, it was done! Can you imagine how much hard work went into that one night?? Crazy town, right?!

Image property of: Sai Suman

Sai, you did a GREAT job and I was delighted to attend your Los Angeles show! Thank you for having us and for dressing me in one of your beautiful gowns!

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Photo: Bob Delgadillo

Keep an eye out for her folks! This beauty is going places. Check out her website here.

All in all, we had such a great evening, it’s always SO nice to attend these types of events and leave feeling inspired. #truth

Who are some of our favorite designers? Comment below and let’s chat!




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