New Headshot Sesh!

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I can’t believe it’s the weekend, already! Whew- that flew right on by! I guess it might have to do with the fact that, I have been a busy little B, this week!

I had a new head shot shoot, posted a new Chiquita video,(click on Acting in the menu above), completed my 2nd week of my fitness challenge, wrote a few new blog articles, finally had a little me time, AND, was a guest on an awesome podcast! Not to mention, all of the social media managing, email replying and all around, organizing it takes to keep me moving forward! And you all know that having a fur baby, esp in a cray rain storm, is equivalent to having a very needy child. LOL

All in all it was a FANTASTIC and productive week!

Since we are already almost 3 months into the new year (I KNOW, wtf happened?), and pilot season is upon us here in La, La, Land, I decided to get some new shots!

I fell in LOVE with a photog for BK Headshots, named Bjoern, when I saw him shoot Carlos’s new shots. The way he shoots is unlike any other shoot, I have personally had and I have to say- my manager especially, and I, are SUPER happy with the shots!

During our sesh, he really emphasized how important it is to just be myself and really let him do his job. This all sounds really obvious but for a multi tasker like moi…I need a little reminder every now and then. I admit, I tend to want to help, even though I am paying the guy, to do what he does best. But it is always nice and very important, to be able to just focus on being an actress, and taking amazing headshots. It was hands down, the best time I have ever had, on a head shot shoot. Let me tell you though, he is a serious pro, knows exactly what he is doing, means business, is very intense and matter of fact, to say the least! All things I ADORE in anyone I am working with. I walked away from that shoot with so many great, fresh, new perspectives and most importantly I HAD FUN- SO MUCH FUN! I can’t say enough great things about this photog. Definitely check out his page.


(Make Up & Hair Styled by Amber Rose Hair & Makeup)

Check out my IMDb page…I will be posting all of the new shots there soon & check out the one I posted on Insta! #Meow!

And stay tuned… I will be posting a new article, with the audio from my interview on the podcast, that I mentioned above!

Have a FEISTY weekend lovelies!



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