Your skin, my skin, we all scream, for GREAT skin! 5 Natural ways to healthy, beautiful skin, at any age no if’s and’s or fillers!

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Who hates needles? I HATE needles. I mean, H.A.T.E! When I have to get blood drawn, they still use a baby needle on me, lay me down, so I don’t PTFO, (this has happened, sadly, more than one time), and give me a kids juice box, afterward. Even after all of that accommodation, I still cry-EVERY TIME. So, as you can imagine, I am NOT a fan of any sort of facial and/or body injection! ESPECIALLY one, that comes with the warning, “There is a small chance, your face could be paralyzed & your skin could malfunction, etc.” UM, yeah, NOPE.

I personally believe that you can find other ways to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful, until the time where YOU think, it’s absolutely necessary, to do something more drastic. Trust, I am not saying I will never do anything, I might, when I am 50, want to, but until that time comes, many moons from now, I will do anything and everything I can to maintain healthy skin, without all of that hoop-la. Let me make it very clear, that I do not judge anyone who wants to do any sort of surgical or injectable procedure you do you boo….just stay the EFF away from me with that ish! Do you dig?

I’ll admit, not all things that involve a needle, are bad, in my book. I have had acupuncture and B12 shots and I find benefits in both. AND Fun fact: I did use to have several facial piercings, Yup, true story. (IT WAS A PHASE!) But honestly? Internally, I was kicking, screaming and crying, the entire time.

Also, it’s important to note, that I am SO blessed, to have been raised with a momma, (who btw has AMAZING skin and is past her 50’s…okaaayy), who taught me the importance of healthy eating, taking vitamins, drinking chlorophyll regularly and all-natural skincare, from a very young age! Also, I was blessed to have friends like the amazing, MUA Raquel Grijalva, who made sure I invested in eye cream and did once a month facials, from age 18. #Spoiled

Speaking of starting a skin regime, at a young age, I think, this is THE best way to ensure your skin will look fabulous, well into womanhood. It’s because of this fact, that I personally believe, you can achieve gorg-glam-skin, without having to inject something, that could, in the end, leave you looking like Cruella Deville! #ScaryAF.

So, without further ado, here are 5 things, I have found, that has worked wonders, for my Skin!

1) Rest. Get your zzz’s y’all!
This is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin and body. On average, according to the National Sleep Foundation, young adults from the age of 18-25 and adults age, 26-64, need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep, every night. This is crucial for your body, in order to rejuvenate and repair. Truth? This is something I STRUGGLE with! I get more like, 5-7 on average but on the days I sleep in, and get my 8 hours, my skin does look and feel much plumper and refreshed. I also use a certain pillow, that is shaped, to help prevent your skin from aging and getting sleep wrinkles, while you sleep, (this thing is awesome), as well as, I always use a silk pillowcase. But be sure to change it often, say 2-3 times a week, to prevent the oils from your head/hair from irritating your face. I also try, to sleep on my back as often as possible and last but certainly not least, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wash your face before you hit the hay! Leaving your makeup on overnight is a sure-fire way to get breakouts and cause pre-mature aging, so don’t do it.

2) Diet. You ARE what you eat!
I cannot tell you how much, the way I eat contributes to my skin. And not to mention, the badass vitamins I take. I am a little bit of a health nut…OK, I’m A HUGE health nut and I am VERY sensitive, to certain foods. I don’t eat dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugar or meat. I do eat: Pasture farm eggs, wild-caught fish, TONS of green veggies, beets, red seeded grapes, avocado’s, etc, oh, and… I LOVE tortilla chips! Now, I know fish is not always the healthiest because of mercury levels, radiation, and even plastic, (STOP POLLUTING THE OCEANS/PLANET PEOPLE!!), so I don’t eat it very often but I do love sushi. And, I do love a good french fry and once in a LOOONNNNG while, will get a craving for something sweet, so I give in. There is no fun in depriving your body that much….live a little! Besides, everything in moderation, right?

3) H2ohhhhh HYDRATE YO’Self! This seems pretty obvi, am I right? Our bodies are 60% water people, 75% in our muscles and 85% in our brains. SO, yeah. Agua is muy importante muchachos! I’ve mentioned it before, I am a water obsessed, #waterjunkie, for real. I drink about a gallon a day and I only put one type of water into my petite bod, period. I take it restaurants when I go out to eat and have it on my person at ALL times. This is one of the reasons, I have people asking me what injections, I have had done, on my face. UM, no.

So, what is this magic water, you ask? It’s called…(drum roll please…) Kangen Water! And for me and COUNTLESS others, this ish seriously, CHANGED MY LIFE. NO- I am not just saying that because their slogan is “Change your water, change your life.” I am 150% telling you that before I was #blessed with my SD-501 machine, I needed Costco sized box of tissue, for all of my many issues. From skin breakouts, indigestion, bloating, hormone imbalance, back & neck pain and much more. This water is the cat’s meow. It’s alkaline water BUT, is full of antioxidants. (One 8 oz glass has about the same amount of antioxidants as, more than, 20 packs of blueberries!) Did you know, that like calcium needs & magnesium, alkaline properties need antioxidants, in order to be beneficial? Who knew?

So not only am I hydrated, I am loading up on more antioxidants than ever, on the daily. And don’t believe the hype of the “alkaline water” in bottles at the store. It’s impossible to keep alkaline water in a clear, non BPA free, plastic bottle, without adding something like baking soda or some other chemical property. (Take a look at your bottled water’s ingredients next time y’all.) No thanks. I also use a 6.0 beauty water, to wash my face and spray on, thought the day. Now, in all honesty, a Kangen machine is not cheap, but it’s also not impossible. Add up how much you are spending on water every month…you’ll be surprised at how expensive “good” water is costing you. And also, the machine is a tax write-off, so that’s pretty awesome.

So seriously STOP wasting money and contributing to the mass pollution of plastic and consider investing in yourself. Treat yo’ self guys and gals and help our skin look and feel like silk!

Photo by: Wayne Allen Photography

4) Skincare!!! I’ve tried A LOT of different types of skincare and have spent tons of Mula on the wrong products. But recently, I found a Gem! Aside from ALWAYS wearing sunscreen, the one that sticks out the MOST to me, is The Method by Lancer Skin Care. I have been using it for almost a year and YOU GUYS- this skin trio is magical AF!!! I have not only noticed a huge visible difference, but also the texture of my skin is the best it’s been in years. For real. I use the one that is geared towards sensitive skin because that’s how I roll…but they make 2 different types of The Method.


I heard about them through a friend and did my research. Not only is he located here in Beverly Hills, his clients include, Victoria & David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike Chrissy Teigen, and Marion Cotillard, just to name a few. No, I’m not name dropping…ew…I have a point. What does that mean to me? It means people who are constantly in the limelight trust him enough with their skin AND these beauties look so natural, it’s cray-cray. He has so many different products, from eye-creme, younger youth serum, to a mask with Apple stem cells, (VEGAN!) and even an intense brightening serum and much more. Now, I can’t vouch for all of these products because I haven’t tried them all…Why? Because I’m not made of money people..duh! Lancer is in no way inexpensive, but as I said before, it’s also not impossible. But, it’s definitely worth the try, I promise. Dr. Lancer even wrote a book called Younger and it addresses skincare & how to nourish your skin from the inside out. #Love

I recently went into Nordstrom at The Grove and had a facial by a skin care specialist, who works at the Lancer skincare office. She gave me a treatment they do for a lot of their clients and also gave me some awesome info about the line. She did a mask called the younger revealing mask intense, (see below)… my skin is STILL glowing, so I bought the mask to have a home-well worth the mula. So, if you are looking for a regimen that actually works and will turn back time, on your face, you have to try Lancer Skincare. All you have to lose is a dull skin so, DO IT!

(Click below to see a quick clip of me getting the Younger Revealing Mask treatment!)

5) Facials Pro & DIY! This one is just as important as the others. Regular facials (and by regular I mean at least once a month), will ensure that your skin is being properly pampered! By putting your skin in the hands of a professional, who is trained in facial massage techniques and assessing each individual’s skin so that the perfect treatment can be done, your skin will look and feel healthier overall. And, combined with the other things you will be doing for your skin, this is a win-win.

I usually only go to one place to get my facials because I know that I am getting the best treatments and I am not getting a sales pitch about all of the $5k treatments or injections they think I “need” when I go in. One thing that I really love, is that my facials are always different. I opt for the custom facial and the esthi will work her magic by doing, microdermabrasion, a peel, a mask or sometimes, all 3! Again, it’s all dependent on my skin and how it’s behaving or misbehaving, that day. I think it’s very important that you don’t just go in for a super hardcore treatment that you’ve never done, just because you read about it somewhere or your friend had it done. There is no such thing, in my opinion, as one size fits all skincare- and that goes for facials too. Make sure you work with someone you feel comfortable with and feel like they really have your skin’s best interests at hand. There is nothing worse than having someone who is not professional, seems like they are just there for a paycheck and/or, makes you feel like you are not in the best of hands. This is your face, after all, and I personally, don’t take that ish lightly. Definitely, do your research!

You can also do some great DIY facials and masks, at home. What do I do on the regular?

A: Raw, organic sugar scrubs:
1) Wash my face (at night I use a Clairsonic)
2) Take a bag of raw organic sugar, I buy mine at the dollar store and put about 1-2 tablespoons in the palm of my hand (morning or night)
3) Mix it with a few drops of beauty water
4) Apply it to my already damp with beauty water face, in soft circular motions. Then I rinse with beauty water and moisturize!

B: Honey/Cinnamon Masks: I got this idea, from Dr. Oz’s Website. I LOVE DR. OZ! Click here for the recipe and benefits.

C: avocado masks (for my face and hair)- take 2 avocados, mash them up and slather on. If you have hyper-pigmentation, use a little bit of lemon. Leave on for 15-20 mins, rinse, and voila! Soft, moisturized skin!

D: Awesome Sheet Masks: I LOVE the line of masks that you can get at any Korean market or spa and my new #fav, are the sheet masks by Double Dare called OMG. They have a great line of masks (and even one for your hair), they are SUPER affordable and they still manage to use high-quality ingredients! I have tried all of their masks and I am hooked. AND, they have these ADORBS headbands to keep your hair back, while masking! Check out the video I did below, of me using their 2 in 1 Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask. #OMG you guys rock.

There are tons of skincare products, tips and tools out there so, I definitely encourage you to do a little trial and error to see what works best for you.

Comment below and LMK what YOU do, to keep your skin on point and don’t forget about the sunscreen!


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